We can assist with your ocean research

Luna Ocean has offices in Freeport and Shad Bay (Nova Scotia) providing shelter, power, high-speed internet, water access, and local knowledge useful for a wide range of oceanographic tests. We also have extensive knowledge of the Atlantic Canadian coastline, and can assist with planning and performing experiments at several easily accessible and remote locations.

Freeport, Nova Scotia

The Freeport office is located at a fish house on Long Island, along the eastern shore of Grand Passage. This location provides access to medium-high energy tidal currents, ideal for tidal energy related research and development.

Shad Bay, Nova Soctia

The Shad Bay office is located at a boat house less than 30 min from Dalhousie University (Halifax) on sheltered waters at the head of Shag Bay. This location provides access to small sheltered beaches, an estuary, a long low energy channel, and open waters on an exposed rocky (granite) coastline.