We specialize in high-energy and remote ocean environments, including:

1) Oceanographic data collection and analysis including use of observations and numerical model predictions for resource assessment, detailed site assessment, environmental monitoring (marine life), and marine operations planning.

2) Development of innovative and cost effective tools for oceanographic data collection and analysis (hardware and software). Some examples are provided on our technology page, and a video showing seabed characterization (and marine life observation) using a GoPro drop frame that we developed for use from local fishing boats is near the bottom of this page. Be sure to watch at least to the 1:00 mark!

3) Planning and performing marine operations, including high energy (tidal and/or wave) environments. Services range from a) assisting with large scale marine operations including deployment, survey, and recovery of the OpenHydro turbine in the Minas Passage to b) leading smaller scale operations that focus on use of local vessels and crews, and small vessels (sometimes kayaks) to access remote locations. We have a Rosborough RF18 equipped as a light work boat, and can offer access to range of commercially registered and insured work boats including Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs), a 40ft former DFO patrol vessel, and Cape Island style lobster fishing boats (up to 50ft). We are also commercially insured for use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs a.k.a. drones), and can offer a variety of oceanographic equipment to support marine operations and experiments.

4) Marine energy project development, including a) evaluation of project development options based on technical, economic, and social factors, b) assisting with consenting and permitting, and c) technical review, development, and assisting with due diligence and DNV GL certification associated with turbines, mooring systems, special vessels, and monitoring systems.

5) Stakeholder engagement, with a focus on effective communication with local communities and water users.

Areas of activity

Tidal energy services supplied to clients by Luna Ocean have been applied across development areas in Nova Scotia, including the FORCE site in the Minas Passage and Fundy Tidal Inc.’s small-scale developments in the Digby Region.

We have also exported services for initial tidal energy assessments in other areas of Canada, assist companies with gaining a better understanding of the local environment, and actively pursue opportunities to assist with evaluating in-stream energy development opportunities (tide and river) across Canada and globally.