Luna Ocean offers cost effective access to a network of Highly Qualified Professionals collaborating on oceanographic science and engineering.


Greg Trowse, M.Sc., P.Eng is the founder of Luna Ocean. His background is in Environmental Engineering (University of Waterloo) and Physical Oceanography (Dalhousie University). Greg has over 15 years experience working as an engineer on projects across Canada and in the US. His experience in oceanographic science and engineering dates back to 2009, with a primary focus on assisting with tidal energy developments in Nova Scotia. His tidal energy experience spans many aspects of project development, including site assessment, environmental monitoring, marine operations planning and execution, community consultation and engagement, regulatory, grid interconnection process, project management, monitoring technology development, and technical due diligence. One of his notable accomplishments is assisting Fundy Tidal Inc. and New Energy Corporation with illuminating the first light bulb powered by in-stream energy from Bay of Fundy tides (Grand Passage, 2010). He has also assisted with the deployment, survey, and recovery of OpenHydro tidal turbines in the Minas Passage.

Sr. Technical Advisors

Dr. Richard Karsten: Acadia University – An internationally recognized expert in tidal energy resource assessment, with specialization in numerical modelling using the Finite Volume Community Ocean Model (FVCOM).

Dr. Alex Hay: Dalhousie University – An internationally recognized expert in oceanographic acoustics, with specialization in Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) use and technology development, turbulence, nearshore sediment dynamics, and passive acoustic detection of Right Whales.

Relationships and Knowledge Exchange

Courtney Trowse: Luna Ocean – With approximately 10 years of being fully immersed in tidal energy and ocean technology development while living (and raising a family) in rural coastal communities, Courtney is a regular point of contact for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and information between communities, researchers, and industry.

Taylor Brown, M.Sc.: Luna Ocean – A recent Master’s of Marine Management graduate, Taylor received her bachelor’s degree from Acadia University in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, where she focused on sustainable community development. She completed a thesis that researched the process of meaningful engagement with Indigenous nations in tidal energy development projects in Nova Scotia. Her predominant focus is on the process of engagement for both First Nations and local communities in tidal energy development. She is passionate about stakeholder engagement, environmental monitoring, and community outreach.

Ocean Science and Engineering

Dr. Thomas Roc: University of Hawaii – Specialization in tidal energy resource assessment, with a focus open source solutions for scientific computing and big data analytics. More information at Electric Brain web page.

Richard Cheel, M.Sc.: Dalhousie University – Research associate with significant experience with development, testing, and use of equipment for oceanographic measurements, including planning and execution of marine operations in high-energy tidal environments and development of custom data processing algorithms.

Chloe Malinka, M.Sc.: – Marine bioacoustics PhD fellow at Aarhus University, Denmark, and former research assistant at SMRU and consultant at SMRU Consulting with specialisation in using active and passive acoustic monitoring to describe the movements and behaviours of marine mammals in high flow environments, including around operational tidal turbines in the UK. Assists with marine life observation program development and data analysis for sightings in the Outer Bay of Fundy including dedicated observation teams and citizen-scientists using a mobile app, customised for the Bay of Fundy, created in collaboration with the Canadian Whale Institute and Conserve.iO.

Dean Steinke, P.Eng., MASc: Dynamic Systems Analysis – Professional Engineer and founding partner of DSA, with specialization in the field of offshore dynamic analysis, risers, moorings, towed systems and installation procedures and analysis.


Local knowledge and experience at sea including high energy tidal and offshore environments. Several local fishermen have been utilized for marine operations including deployment and recovery of over 30 ADCPs, 1 000 drifters, seabed video, multi-beam bathymetry, hydrophones, turbulence probes, and other oceanographic equipment. The fishermen we work with most often include:

Reid Gillis – Home port in Freeport, with over 20 years fishing experience in Southwest Nova Scotia. Certifications include Fishing Masters Class 4, Marine Advanced First Aid, and Small Vessel Machinery Operator

Jordan Crocker – Home port in Freeport, with over 10 years fishing experience in Southwest Nova Scotia.

Marine Observers

Local knowledge and training to identify and document several species of marine life and birds. Our marine observers are highly knowledgeable of local wildlife through involvement in whale and seabird tour industry, life experience, and training provided by Dr. Moira Brown of the Canadian Whale Institute and New England Aquarium.

Carl Haycock

David Buckman

Sue Kopp

Ben Kopp


Highly skilled at sea, including operations in remote areas with a wetsuit/drysuit and small water craft. Significant knowledge of the Canadian Atlantic and Pacific coastlines, experience and several contacts abroad, and focus on safely accessing, exploring, and returning from remote high-energy ocean (tide and wave) environments.

Mike Huntly: Huntley’s Sub Aqua Construction – Master Diver with significant experience with instrument deployment, inspection, maintenance, and recovery operations in high-energy tidal environments.

Jan-Sebastian La Pierre – Captain of A for Adventure, has paddled a sea kayak to Sable Island, and can catch air on a surfboard.

Graham Carter

Kent Walsh

Alexander Chandler

Clifton Pratt – If it floats, Cliff will paddle it!

More Collaborators…

Luna Ocean also has collaborative relationships with Ocean Sonics, Cascadia Coast Research, EOS Weather Systems, Seacoast Maine Electronics, Scottish Association for Marine Science, Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU), Nova Scotia Community College, and several fishermen. We are actively looking for opportunities to utilize this network for research and commercial applications.